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Global Wind Turbine Industry 2001-2020 - Statistics, Small Wind Turbine Market A

2015-12-11 10:14:23
Global Wind Turbine Industry 2001-2020 - Statistics, Small Wind Turbine Market Analysis, Value Chain Analysis & Forecasts
Resource from:  Research and Markets 11 Dec,2015
DUBLIN, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Global Wind Turbine Industry - Statistics, Small Wind Turbine Market Analysis, Value Chain Analysis & Forecast 2001-2020" report to their offering.

This global wind energy industry report analyzes the market with insights into the market profile and statistics, wind energy generation statistics, industry segmentation, a look at the global offshore wind market, electricity generation from wind power by segments and by regions and countries, the cost of generating electricity from wind power, etc.

Wind turbines have become an important part of the global energy market today and the growth in the global wind turbine market has created a favorable push for wind power. Driven by equally favorable government policies and regulations along with rising concerns for climate change worldwide, the market for wind turbines has seen rapid growth in recent years. Despite the economic crisis of 2008-2009, the wind turbine market continued to grow concentrated in few countries like China, Germany, the United States, Spain and India. These countries account for nearly 75% share of the global wind turbine market. Similarly, the major regions that drive the global installations of wind turbines include Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. 

While there are many reports on the wind power industry, this research brings a highly comprehensive research report on the Global Wind Turbine Industry that covers not only an overview of the global wind energy industry, but also takes a look at the global wind turbine industry, the global small wind turbine industry, carries out a value chain analysis of the global wind turbine industry and provides forecast, industry trends as well as opportunities - all in one report. 

Divided into six sections, the report is one of its kind offering on an in-depth analysis of the global wind turbine market. Section 1 analyzes the global wind energy industry and wind power technology. We look at the types of turbines, turbines size and efficiency factors, offshore wind turbines, lifetime of a turbine and how globalization has impacted the wind turbine market. 

Key Topics Covered: 

Executive Summary 

Section 1: Overview of Wind Energy 

Section 2: Global Wind Turbine Industry 

Section 3: Analysis of the Global Small Wind Turbine (SWT) Market 

Section 4: Analysis of the Wind Turbine Value Chain 

Section 5: Analysis of Major Players in the Global Wind Turbine Industry 

Section 6: Conclusion 

Companies Mentioned - 35 of the 60+ Companies Featured

- ABB Ltd. 
- Acciona SA 
- Alstom SA 
- Bosch Rexroth 
- Centrica Plc 
- China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Limited 
- China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group 
- China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited 
- China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Ltd 
- CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd. (CSIC) 
- Dewind Company 
- Direct Energie SA 
- Dong Energy A/S 
- Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited 
- Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co., Ltd 
- E.ON SE 
- Electricité de France (EDF) 
- ELIN Motoren 
- Emergya Wind Technologies B.V. 
- Eneco Holding NV 
- Enercon 
- Envision Energy 
- Euros GmbH 
- Futuren SA 
- Gamesa Corporacion Tecnologica SA 
- General Electric Company 
- Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd. 
- Hindustan Zinc Limited 
- Hitachi 
- Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation Limited 
- Huaneng Renewables Corporation Limited 
- Iberdrola SA 
- Inox Wind 
- Ishibashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 
- Lagerwey Wind BV
(Research and Markets)

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