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Good quality deep groove ball bearing 608 from China manufacturer

Good quality deep groove ball bearing 608 from China manufacturer

bearing 608 for skateboard and spinner toy.It can be NSK NTN KOYO Brand.

1.Color : black, red, blue, green, rain bow
2.Size : 8*22*7 mm

The ceramic bearings used in skate wheels are typically hybrid ceramic bearings, meaning the inner and outer rings are made of steel or chrome, but the rolling balls are made of a ceramic material. The ceramic material typically used in skate bearings is Silicon Nitride (Si3N4). Bearings made of 100% ceramic are also available, but they are typically used in electric motor applications because of their nonconductive properties.

Definition of " High Performance 608 bearing Ceramic Skate Bearing Distribution "
Any of various hard, brittle, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made by shaping and then firing a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, at a high temperature.

  • 60% lighter than steel balls
  • Centrifugal forces are reduced
  • Lower vibration levels
  • Less heat builds up
  • Reduced ball skidding
  • Fatigue life increased
  • 50% higher modulus of elasticity
  • Improved spindle rigidity
  • Naturally fatigue resistant
  • Tribochemically inert
  • Low adhesive wear
  • Improved lubricant life
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Bearing service life is two to five times longer
  • Running speeds are 50% higher
  • Overall accuracy and quality improves. Better workpiece finish characteristics
  • Lower operating costs
  • Boost productivity
  • High temperature capability
  • These bearings have several advantages over all steel bearings, such as higher speed and acceleration capability, increased stiffness, higher accuracy, lower friction and heat generation, reduced lubrication requirements, low thermal expansion, and extended operation life.

From Our Bearings High Performance 608 bearing Ceramic Skate Bearing Distribution :
are designed to run faster, cooler and longer than even our very best conventionally manufactured bearings. No matter how demanding your particular application is, the switch to Ceramic Bearings will result in a measurable increase in performance due to their lighter weight, their ability to withstand higher operating temperatures and endure greater loads. But the benefits don't stop there. Our Ceramic Bearings also require less lubrication, are virtually corrosion resistant and almost impervious to wear."

The advantages are High Performance 608 bearing Ceramic Skate Bearing Distribution

  • Ceramic balls are harder - greater wear resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Superior surface finish - Superior surface quality
  • Superior ball geometry
  • Lighter weight - better high speed endurance
  • Ideal for low lube or self lubricating applications
  • Non magnetic - Non conductive
  • Can operate in extreme temperatures
  • Superior system rigidity - better overall accuracy
  • ABEC class 3,5 or 7 precision".

Features and Benefits of High Performance 608 bearing Ceramic Skate Bearing Distribution
High speed/ Lighter Ceramic balls weight 40% less than steels balls. This reduces centrifugal loading and skidding, so hybrid ceramic bearings can operate 20% to 40% faster than conventional bearings. This means that the ball exerts less force outward against the outer race grove as the bearing spins. This reduction in outward force reduces the friction and rolling resistance. The lighter ball allows the bearing to rev up faster, and uses less energy to maintain it speed.
Less Friction ,Less heat - Falcon Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings truly are nti-friction". The ceramic ball will not heat up like a steel ball. Lower friction leads to less wear, less lubrication, less energy consumption, reduced sound level and extends bearing life.
Smoother - The ceramic ball has smoother surface properties than the steel ball. This means less friction between the ball and bearing races and less vibration giving you a faster spinning bearing and smoother ride.

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